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Easy Start Menu Organizer
Tool for arranging and removing start menu items.
Zards software
DVD Menu Studio
DVD Menu Studio would create any kind of DVD menu in almost no time.
Menu Creator 2007 & Menu Extended
Menu Creator is used to create your menu without writing any line of code.

Portal Menu

Shortcut Explorer
Manage Start Menu, Quick Launch, Favorites, and Desktop Shortcuts.
Slashback Software
ScriptForest Popup Menu
Create a highly configurable DHTML menu.
Gokhan Dagli
Anfy Java
It is a tool that delivers 52 applets for web pages, blogs, or screensaver.
Anfy Team
Actual Window Menu
It can add custom extended menu to any window.
Actual Tools
Horizontal Flash Menu Wizard
Horizontal Flash Menu Wizard creates flash based drop down menu within no time.
Gokhan Dagli
Start Menu Tweak
Start Menu is big? Start Menu Tweak help you!
Miolapoza Software
With All Buttons CSS Web Menu builder you can create professional CSS web menus.
FastOpen XP
Create and manage your personalized Start menu.
PiQuest Software, Inc.

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Portal Menu

Customize Start Menu
Customize Start Menu will help you arrange Desktop environment, Start Menu and Quick Launch in blink......
Smart PC Solutions, LLC.
Startup Programs Control
Allows you a complete control of applications which starts with Windows.
Program for displaying,editing and animating molecular systems.
Super Win Menu
The start menu Super Win Menu shows the content of your PC at a glance.
Infonautics GmbH, Switzerland
Quick Pop Menu
Menu type application launcher.
Michael Uno
It provides a Windows 7 format start menu which includes Win 8 modern UI app.
Smart PC Start Menu
Smart PC Start Menu brings back the classic Windows Start Menu to Windows 8.
Smart PC Solutions
SWIMBI (Swift Menu Builder) lets you add nice looking CSS menu for your website.