Portal City

Tycoon City - New York
Tycoon City New York is a city building game with some eye candy.
City of Villains/City of Heroes
It’s time to kick it up to the next level with the City of Heroes Party Pack.
CitY Mappack #1
Wolfenstein City

Portal City

Virtual City
Comprehensive city simulation game.
G5 Entertainment
Skill City
Skill City Games
Utopia City
Utopia City
Dealing City DCTrader
Dealing City, Inc.
Champion City
City of Rauma
Simple city simulation game for your PC.
Juho Ruohola
Big City Night 3D
Big City Night is a screensaver with different views of a city at night.
Big City Adventure: New York City
Very enjoyable hidden object game.
Jolly Bear Games
Dice City Buddy - Pogo
Dice City Buddy can play Dice City Roller game automatically in Club Pogo rooms.
Play Buddy, LLC.

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Goodbye Windows 8.1

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Portal City

City Pier Screensaver
City Pier Screensaver shows a city with lots of houses by a pier.
Big City Adventure (TM) - London Classic
Play unique minigames and explore a beautiful city in a big city adventure.
Jolly Bear Games
Green City 2
City management simulation game with an ecological theme.
Melesta Games
Cities Skylines After Dark
After Dark is the first expansion to the city simulation Cities: Skylines.
Paradox Interactive
CITYCONOMY: Service for your City
City economy simulation game.
Nano Games sp. z o.o.
Boom Town Deluxe
A combination of mining simulator and city builder games.
Ish Games